As the plane shudders Against the cold wind And braves the thunder and lightning storm.   I am reminded of the night That smelt of old books and innocence. When my world was turned upside down When I realised what I knew all along had Become my uncomfortable reality.   But departures are monotonous Just … More Wanderlust


What could that even mean? In this juggernaut world, that is bent On bringing you down?   Sometimes, it is as simple as Reciprocating your mother’s smile.   Sometimes, It could mean, Giving up what you want For someone else’s need.   Sometimes, It is being comfortable in your own shoes. And not seeking new … More Gratitude

Settle down

Settle down, they say Oh why wouldn’t I If only I didn’t have big plans Of traveling the world Of living my dreams Of gazing at stars Of sweating it out Of following my passion Of discovering myself. Settle down they say. They don’t know The pain that comes With our hearts attached to our … More Settle down


Everyone fantasises about you They don’t know how each cut was so deep You embraced hell to be whole. Everyone adores you, They don’t know That beautiful things are always broken. They say you shine bright and radiant They cannot decipher The emptiness within. Shadows of your past Loom over your present Blocking the rays … More Diamonds

Train of thought

As the gentle murmur of the train Soothes your senses You ponder. Have you forgotten how to live The slow life Hurried breaths Unfinished sentences Levitate like lapses in your soul Smothering yourself with self doubt You wander aimlessly Reaching for a reality that never existed Forgetting to dream For they make you waver From … More Train of thought

Dance of words

I remember, riding my rusty Ladybird bicycle, rushing to Senthil library in my locality to borrow Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on a humid Sunday afternoon. That was my first bout of reading that got me hooked to the best book series ever. Till date. Tonight, as I contemplate whether to re-watch Modern … More Dance of words


Pure like honey,  Her love trickles over me   Serene like the mountains  Her silence embraces me   Words like poetry,  Flow over me   In my world You are my lyrics, mother.    You made me,  You gave me a reason to live   Your undying love will be with me always Enveloping me … More Ma