Turning 24.

1645ff4a6a547d62ac7703d98845ada4My sister once told me, growing up isn’t such a big deal. Your mental age remains the same, you just physically transform. Now when I retrospect after my 24th Birthday, I would say yes she was right, but not entirely.

Here are some major feels one has when they become an adult:


The dawning of the fact that you are considered an eligible voter, a person fit to drive on the roads, and its on record that you can travel the world and spread your aura! You may say its rewarding? Well here’s the truth. There is a sense of doom that comes free after the world starts considering you an adult. Why, even your body starts showing signs of being neglected. When I was in school, basketball and all sports were so easy but now to do ten minutes of abs, my muscles revolt in protest.

Solo Time: Unheard of

It is surprising how little time you get for yourself once you transform into an adult. The million things your job might require you to do, chores you have to do at home, catching up with friends, keeping in touch with relatives abroad lest they forget your existence, working on life goals, learning cooking skills, keeping fit, and a gazillion more to-dos occupy a major portion of your time. God forbid you set aside an hour for yourself in this labyrinth! It is like you are constantly chasing a goal that is so far away, you might need a new dimension to reach it.

Social Media: Yay or nay?

Thanks to social media now, even your next door neighbour would snapchat something to you to avoid direct human contact! Such is the fear of direct human conversation after the onset of social media in our lives. I was jolted to realities of how much power this medium has when a relative pointed out to me that he liked a picture i had posted the previous day. *I promptly removed him from my list lest he cooks up stories*. Well, the point is, privacy is lost, personal connections vanish, concentration goes haywire and oh well, social media guided behaviour sets in. When out with a friend, she would rather insta/ fb it than actually sit down and give me a download on her life. I won’t deny that I am not a victim to it, but hey someone’s gotta speak up!

Money issues

When are you going to save for gold? Save for diamonds? Save for your marriage? Save for life? Before the peanuts that you earn get credited to your account, everyone starts deciding how and what you should invest on. Your woes are multiplied when you are shopping geek and can’t let that one Forever21 top go away from your purview. Sigh!


Yes well, obviously we have become more responsible over the years but the amount of decisions that we suddenly have to make are appalling. Job decisions, post grad decisions, decisions at home, decisions at work, deciding where to dine, deciding to solve problems with friends, deciding our way ahead in life! That’s a tall ask for someone who has just been inducted into the hall of adulthood. Getting there life, getting there!

While all these can be mind-boggling currently, I am loving the fact that we get to finally do all the things that were only stuff of dreams back in our adolescence.


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