So is this how it was hyped to be?

Adulthood they call it,

Busy we call ourselves, yet so bored,
Passionate about goals, but lethargy creeps in

Doesn’t matter what you’ve fared,
Sweetness is the dress code.

Ambitions locked away in a prized cell,
But burning through the soul like living hell

On the exterior, all’s swell,
In the core, it is a labyrinth of paradoxes.

Muddled days get more frequent,
When your all grown up

Childhood seems like a heavenly place
That we sailed through

Yearning for the past,
Doesn’t put us in any good place

Negativity, is just a tear away
Let’s buck up

And find happiness in every broken toothed smile,
Sunshine in an episode of a sitcom
Beauty from the wrinkle on your mothers face
Let’s not give away our right to be happy,
Let’s rewind, but look ahead
Let’s dance in the rain
Let’s melt away in glazing sun
Let’s spread cheer when we don’t have any

Oh let’s buck up already!


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