What could that even mean?

In this juggernaut world,

that is bent

On bringing you down?


Sometimes, it is as simple as

Reciprocating your mother’s smile.



It could mean,

Giving up what you want

For someone else’s need.



It is being comfortable in your own shoes.

And not seeking new shores.



It is opening your eyes

To the beauty that nature has to offer.


Every time,

It means thanking the stars.

For the opportunities that have made you.


It means

Having the strength to handle your regrets.


It means

Accepting yourself

Before accepting others.



It is having friends in your life

Who show you the light

At the end of the tunnel.


Sometimes its thanking yourself

For choosing the right path.



Its appreciating the inner voice

That never fails

When everything else has.



There are no sometimes to be thankful for.

That’s when you practice gratitude.



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