Do they know?

  It intrigues me How friendships end People move on and fail to see Power to mend   Do they know that This is the last word in their chapter Their story will never make the happily ever afters?   Do they know The axis they dwell in for ages Will cease to exist in history … More Do they know?


  Chennai, a city I love and grew up in. The city that forms my identity. One would assume everything was normal on December 2nd. Rains lashed the ‘hot city’ that many people hate visiting because of the harsh sun. Friends in Bangalore used to tease me about my city because of the weather. Hell … More Chennai.

Time Turner

I wish I had a time turner. The tallest tower back then Was my father’s knee. I wish I had a time turner. The saddest I got Was when I couldn’t get my dose of Cartoon Network. I wish I had a time turner. For I could dance all I wanted back then And life … More Time Turner


I sensed the calm before the storm The way the wind caressed my hair Ever so gently, pulling astray few strands As if tugging at my heart strings Warning me of the steep descent Hell broke loose Lilting the morning dew Upturning the roots of my Very Existence A miracle held me together My bottle of emotions … More Solitude

Turning 24.

My sister once told me, growing up isn’t such a big deal. Your mental age remains the same, you just physically transform. Now when I retrospect after my 24th Birthday, I would say yes she was right, but not entirely. Here are some major feels one has when they become an adult: Doom: The dawning of … More Turning 24.

Hello World!

I went on a sabbatical from writing. SO much has happened in these few years, and with social media capturing your attention, its hard to sit down and put words to paper(read blog). Yet, I will attempt to pen down my thoughts whenever it is humanely possible 🙂